Automated Trading.
With Artificial Intelligence.

Invest like the banks.
Easy and automated.

With Artificial Intelligence.

High-risk, high-reward automated trading solutions
with low market correlation.

High-risk, high-reward automated trading solutions
with low market correlation.

Connects to brokerage accounts in only a few clicks.

Do you also wonder...

…if powerful automated trading
algorithms exist for private investors?

because, approx. 85 % of investors lose their money trading manually.

…where to invest your high-risk funds with a superior return potential after all?

because there are just too many options ­­­­between options, crypto and stocks.

…and you are still looking for this one special profit boost?

because your current ETF portfolio is only performing O.K., but not more than that.

Boost your existing portfolio with AI trading algorithms, uncorrelated to your stock portfolio.

Did you know that Velvet AutoInvest utilizes over 30 assets in its trading strategy?

Did you know that more than 70% of trades made with Velvet AutoInvest are being won?
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What is Velvet?

Velvet offers access to powerful trading algorithms based on artificial intelligence at the institutional level on one platform. Our algorithms are designed to deliver high performance with high probability, for investors with high risk tolerance.

How do I start?

AI-based Investment

You receive access to automated trading algorithms that are mostly accessible to institutional investors.

24/7 automated trading

Your personal account running Velvet AutoInvest is copying signals all day long. 


Velvet AutoInvest trades are executed across 30+ assets and held between a few minutes to several weeks.

You keep full control

We cannot access your funds. You only link your trading account to Velvet AutoInvest to copy our trades. Cancel anytime.

Our Trackrecord

Our Trackrecord

The Story behind the Chart

Since 2018, we have been dedicated to creating state-of-the-art automated trading algorithms that reach beyond traditional investments in terms of performance. The challenge to achieve this goal is to handle the likewise elevated volatility and risk. Our track record is the motivation for us to not only strive for superior performance but solid risk management.

Despite having a great performance for almost the entire first year after the launch of our retail signal, a crash in December showed the importance of that. The Ultra (4x) strategy did not have a risk limit in place at that time and most investors only joined recently on the hype. This mix proved incendiary. As one of the largest German / Cypriot trading system developers, our December decline was covered in popular German media such as “Handelsblatt” and “Welt”. 

Right after December 2022, all strategies were revised to feature risk limits across the board. Additionally, the code was improved and exposure was limited by reducing the average holding periods. This improved risk management came into play in May 2023 when abnormal market conditions once again caused large volatility. A new recovery mode helped recover in a profitable Summer of 2023. However, it became ultimately clear that the strategy had to be adjusted to the fast-paced market environment. 

Our latest strategy upgrade is the most extensive yet. Our focus was to maintain the proven, high accuracy of the strategy with much more diverse traded assets and stricter risk management. The strategy has been proven successful on institutional accounts and is now deployed live.


Historical Trading Data

Cumulative Return1: Compounded on a trade-by-trade basis. Monthly closing prices, adjusted for splits, dividends and/or capital gain distributions.

Note: realised drawdown on Dec 6th, 2022 ranged between 25% and 90% depending on the account.

Our Strategies

All of our strategies feature the same most up-to-date trading algorithm. Trading decisions are made 100% automatic and based on a combination of rule-based and non-linear decision-making. The algorithm uses random forest analysis based on over 1300 data features to determine the short-term price direction. If the price moves against a trade it may be closed at a predefined loss per position, depending on the chosen risk tolerance. Apart from the 28 major and cross FX pairs, the algorithm trades the US equity markets alongside oil and silver. Positions are held for several hours up to several weeks. Each risk tolerance level has a stop-loss that closes all trades if the defined short-term drawdown level has been reached.

Velvet Ultra+

Strategy Description

Velvet Ultra+ offers the highest performance out of all Velvet strategies with a likewise increased risk profile. When following Velvet Ultra, you will be receiving all trades from our institutional trading accounts in a 4x ratio according to your current balance. This strategy features a stop-loss at 40 % short-term drawdown.

Key Data

Yearly performance (APY)1: 128.23 %

Historical max. drawdown: 40.00 %

Profit factor: 1.82

Equity stop out: at -40 %

*data for 750 $ minimum deposit

Velvet Pro+

Strategy Description

Velvet Pro+ is our flagship strategy, it offers outstanding risk to reward ratio with a high-performance target. When following Velvet Pro, you will be receiving all trades from our institutional trading accounts in a 2x ratio according to your current balance. This strategy features a stop-loss at 20 % short-term drawdown.

Key Data

Yearly performance (APY)1: 72.27 %

Historical max. drawdown: 25.00 %

Profit factor: 1.87

Equity stop: at -25 %

**data for 1000 $ minimum deposit

Velvet Blue+

Strategy Description

Velvet Blue+ offers a lower risk profile than the other two strategies, while keeping the same outperforming risk to reward ratio. When following Velvet Blue, you will be receiving all trades from our institutional trading accounts in a 1x ratio according to your current balance. This strategy features a stop-loss at 10 % short-term drawdown.

Key Data

Yearly performance (APY)1: 28.92 %

Historical max. drawdown: 15.00 %

Profit factor: 1.87

Equity stop out: at -15 %

***data for 1500 $ minimum deposit

Key Data*

Yearly performance goal: ~145 %

Equity stop out: at -40 %

Proportional trading from 1,500 EUR

Key Data*

Yearly performance goal: ~70%

Equity stop: at -20 %

Proportional trading from 3,000 EUR

Key Data*

Yearly performance goal: ~30 %

Equity stop out: at -10 %

Proportional trading from 6,000 EUR

Get Started Now:

Choose your risk tolerance

Check the table of strategies below, note our historical results and decide on a risk tolerance.

Register at our brokerage

After selecting your strategy, fill in the basic data and follow the guide sent via email.

Connect your account

You will be able to connect your account with just a few clicks and start trading.

Velvet Ultra+

The eager and profit-maximising investment
15 % profit sharing
  • High Risk Settings
  • 145% APY goal
  • 40 % Stop-loss
  • Automated Trading 24/7
  • All strategy updates
  • Profit Sharing on Realised Profits
  • Cancel Anytime

Velvet Pro+

The balanced yet dedicated investment
15 % profit sharing
  • Medium Risk Settings
  • 70% APY goal
  • 20 % Stop-loss
  • Automated Trading 24/7
  • All strategy updates
  • Profit Sharing on Realised Profits
  • Cancel Anytime

Velvet Blue+

The careful and pragmatic investment
15 % profit sharing
  • Low Risk Settings
  • 30% APY goal
  • 10 % Stop-loss
  • Automated Trading 24/7
  • All strategy updates
  • Profit Sharing on Realised Profits
  • Cancel Anytime

Why use AI trading algorithms? Why not trade manually?

Manual Trading

Manual traders make trading decisions themselves: buying, selling, keeping. However, there are many challenges that cannot be ignored: People who trade manually are strongly influenced by emotions, which make actions more impulsive and less analytical. Timing-wise, humans do not even have enough capacity to get the best overview of all developments in a portfolio all at the same time. Thus, it is almost impossible to process the amount of information needed for manual trading across multiple markets. This leads to approx. 85 % of manual traders losing their money.

Trading Algorithms

Nowadays, it is simply impossible to outperform smart financial technologies, such as trading algorithms, that can handle big loads of information and make complex calculations automatically.
Trading algorithms are softwares that use statistics and mathematical analysis to automatically trade the financial markets. Even today, retail investors do not have access to trading algorithms, while institutional investors such as hedge funds and banks have been taking advantage of them for many years.

With Velvet you get the unique opportunity to access a high-performing trading algorithm on your account.

Why Velvet


Velvet AutoInvest is trading with a clear set of rules without interference of any human emotions.

Automated Trading
for Everyone

Velvet AutoInvest automatically trades all day long. No manual intervention is needed.1


The performance of all Velvet algorithms is verified by the renowned provider

No Hidden

All fees for the brokerage account and usage are communicated very openly, so there are no surprises.

Pay Only When
You Gain

A profit sharing model only charges a share of your actual profits realised in the account balance.

Risk Management

Live data and backtestings show a proven track record of the Velvet algorithms’ performance.

to Use

The account setup takes you only five minutes. Later you can monitor your funds via browser.

24/7 Support –
Cancel Anytime

We are available for you 24/7. If you want to stop using Velvet, you are always free to cancel.



Still got Questions? Ask us anything!

E-Mail us at


Still got Questions left?
We’re here to help you get started with Velvet AutoInvest.



You can sign up through the “Register”, “Join Now” or “Create Account” buttons. You will then be guided through the signup process which consists of a few steps. At the end of the signup the Velvet Algorithm starts automatically trading for you.

We offer a very fair “85/15″ profit share concept. This means that you keep 85% of the profits generated for you by our trading algorithms – only 15% goes to the strategy operator (that’s us).
This results in a unique win-win situation, where everything is designed for you to make profits. Because if no profits are made, of course, you will not be charged a profit share.

Our brokerage partner FusionMarkets charges a small monthly hosting fee, which will be refunded to your account after trading for a couple of weeks. This fee is not associated with Velvet AutoInvest.

In general, there is no minimum investment amount. However, statistically, investments of 750.00 $ for Velvet Ultra, 1500.00 $ for Velvet Pro and 3000.00 $ for Velvet Blue or more showed the best results on Velvet trading accounts.1  Especially the risk increases with smaller investment amounts since trades cannot be executed in the right risk ratio.

No! After having set up your account and connected it to Velvet AutoInvest with just a few clicks, everything runs 100% automatically.

Yes, you can withdraw your money at any time. In order to withdraw, please log in to your Fusion Markets client portal and follow the withdrawal process from there.

Payments to and and withdrawals from your account are handled by our brokerage parter, Fusion Markets. You may fund and withdraw at any given time via the client portal.

We at Velvet do not manage client funds and we do not accept client funds. We offer you the unique opportunity to connect with the Velvet Algorithm strategies. Your money is in your personal account with our strictly licensed partner brokers, to which only you have access.

Quickly fill out the contact form, schedule a call via calendy with one of our experts or simply write us an e-mail to where you can reach our support team.

You can cancel your usage of Velvet anytime – for free. You can cancel Velvet AutoInvest with Fusion+ by turning off the Velvet signals in your Fusion Markets client portal.

Trading Knowledge


A trading algorithm is a software that automatcally trades on the financial markets using statistics and mathematical analysis.
Originally, private investors did not have access to trading algorithms while institutional investors such as hedge funds and banks have been using their advantages for many years.
As a necessary result, Velvet now offers private investors the unique opportunity to easily use trading algorithms in an easy and user friendly product.

A brokerage company is a financial intermediary that brings together the counterparties to a transaction. In foreign exchange, a brokerage company is an agent or company that executes orders to buy and sell currencies for its clients. They act as intermediaries between banks, bringing together buyers and sellers in exchange for a commission paid by the initiator or by both parties. Brokerage companies are agents who work on a commission basis, not principals who act on their own account.
Clients and users of Velvet algorithms use the renowned broker Fusion Markets. With this broker, the Velvet algorithm trades for you automatically with market-beating results and monitors all positions around the clock.

Velvet AutoInvest


You can analyze past performane and witness our live trading results via the following link: . This data is provided by Myfxbook, a reputable 3rd party company, providing verification and tracking of trading results. The account shown is trading the Velvet Pro strategy and is connected one account.

You can easily track your Velvet account performance via the Fusion Markets web portal. By clicking in “My Accounts” on the little bar chart symbol, you can access your account’s performance and track your trading.

Each of the strategies has a specified equity stop out which is shown in the statistics of the respective strategy.
We use machine learning to predict future expectancies for our strategies, reducing risks when drawdowns are predicted. In addition to that, the strategies are monitored and updated by our expert analysts. Velvet trades diversified on many currency pairs. To further reduce risk, a variety of strategies are combined – these are updated or replaced when necessary. This helps to achieve the highest possible performance as well as the best possible risk/reward ratio in every market situation.

Velvet Algorithms trade in multiple time frames holding positions between a few minutes to several days. Positions can be held for up to several days.

The number of positions the algorithm opens vary on a daily basis correspondingly to trade signals and volatility. On average the algorithms opens and closes ∼4 positions every 24 hours. It is possible that the algorithms does not open any trades several days in a row.

Velvet’s recipe for success is an adaptive trading logic, the clever use of machine learning and AI, active risk management and intelligent diversification. Despite the high returns, users must be aware that returns can only be generated with the corresponding risk. That is why the relationship between risk and return is of particular importance to us when developing our products.

All Velvet investment decisions are taken by an automated AI algorithm that trades currency pairs exclusively. It utilizes over 10 independent, linear strategies. The strategies each utilize non-redundant trading methods such as mean reversion, break-out and momentum trading, on a selection of different time frames. A random forest machine learning algorithm predicts each strategies’ risk and return for the coming period and automatically deploys the one with the highest expectancy. The goal of the strategy is to look for high-risk, high reward opportunities in several markets and execute on these. For trade management purposes there are hard and trailing stop-loss, as well as averaging solutions available to the AI, which are chosen depending on the predictors, strategy and market situation

Ready to follow our strategies?