Automated Investment with AI-based Algorithms.
Engineered in Germany.

Our Story

Velvet was founded in 2018 in Stuttgart (Germany), and created in response to the non-existence of the possibility for private investors for the personal usage of automated trading software.

Back then and even until today, these kind of trading algorithms are mostly accessible only to institutional investors such as large hedgefunds or investment banks. Velvet’s mission was to change the environment of automated trading. By bridging the gap between automated trading software and a small minimum investment amount for the usage of such, Velvet achieved to enable private people to use powerful algorithms and outperform their personal investment portfolio.

And since over 80% of manual traders lose their money while trading without using intelligent software, Velvet even protects traders of losing their investments.

The concept of of Velvet is to offer an open environment where private investors on a global level can use smart automated trading software which requires only little knowledge and is easy to use.

Velvet’s vision is to become the world‘s largest provider of automated trading algorithms on a B2C level in the globe offering customer-focused investment solutions!